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英文慣用語10句第八集(English Idioms Episode 8) 7-17-2013 三


英文慣用語10句第八集(English Idioms Episode 8)


─摘自《英漢成語異同比較》作者 肖芬(Xiao Fen)老師,中國,中南財經政法大學外語學院副教授。


Content of English Idioms Episode 8(10 Items)
01. A bad egg/a hot potato.
02. A hard nut to crack.
03. Back number.
04. All ears/All eyes.
05. All thumbs/ Green thumb.
06. Beat the air/ Beat it/Beat it up Whoop it up.
07. At sixes and sevens.
08. Call it a day/ Close callClose shave.
09. Out to lunch. 腦子不清楚專注,做白日夢。
10. Think big, StartDoAct small.大處著眼,小觸著手。
01. A bad egg壞蛋,壞傢伙。(a bad person, bum)/A hot potato燙手的馬鈴薯;難對付的人;棘手的事。
a bad egg的例句:
1. Henry Higginson's a bad egg. If he wants to borrow any money from you ,don't lend it to him.
Henry Higginson是個不可靠的人。如果要他要向你借錢,別借給他。
2. The scheme was a bad egg. 計畫失敗了。
3. I observed the doctor sniffing and sniffing, like someone tasting
 a bad egg.
4. At times I am a thoroughly bad egg.有時候,我是一個十足的壞蛋
5. He's been in prison several times for all sorts of crimes; he's
 a bad egg. 他因各種罪行入獄多次,他是個壞蛋
6. That guy is a bad egg. 那個傢伙是壞蛋
7. That man is a bad egg so you should try and avoid him if you can.
8. The judge sentenced the bad egg to death. 法官判這個混蛋死刑。
1. A bad egg壞蛋,壞傢伙,不可信任的人。
A Hot Potato棘手的問題;難以處理的問題;燙手山芋之例句:
1. Many school boards found segregation a hot potato in the early 1960s.60年代初,許多學校部門都覺得按水準分班是一個棘手的問題
2. The racial discrimination issue is a political hot potato.
3. Money policy is fast becoming a hot potato.
4. It's a political hot potato.它是個棘手的政治問題
5. You should adopt another way to deal with this hot potato.
6. If you describe a problem or issue as a hot potato, you mean that
   it is very difficult and nobody wants to deal with it.
7. Every one can see how the boss looks when he handles a hot
   potato 老闆處理難題時,每個人都看出他是什麼表情。
8. If I were you , I' d drop that customer like a hot potato.
9. He said he would drop her like a
   hot potato.
10. Don ' t you think it a hot potato to talk about that here.

11. The issue of abortion has been a hot potato in America for a long time.很長時間以來,人工流產在美國一直是一件很棘手的事
12. Tax-hike and abortion are two hot potatoes on the agenda of today ' s meeting.    cut / cutting taxes減稅
13. The Mideast conflict is really a hot potato for all politicians around the world.中東問題對世界所有的政治家來說都是燙手的馬鈴薯
14. The issue of building the nuclear power plant is a real hot potato for the local town council.
2. A hot potato燙手的馬鈴薯、難對付的人。

02. A hard nut to crack 難題、難解之事、不易親近或了解的人、不易說服的人。
1. My boss is a hard nut to crack.

2. The girl found the algebra lesson was a hard nut to crack


3. Dealing with that problem was a hard nut to crack. You must have

   worked hard to solve it.處理那個問題很難,你一定花了很大的氣力。

4. This is really a hard nut to crack. 這事真扎手

5. They say that she is a hard nut to crack.


6. He is a hard nut to crack. 他是個難對付的人

7. That's a hard nut to crack. 那是一個難題

8. It was then a hard nut to crack. 在那時是一樁很棘手的事。

Authentic Real English. About A Hard Nut To Crack實境英語
Jenny: Have you talked to the new manager?
Jerry: No, I haven't. What about her?
Jenny: Well, I don't think that she is easy to get along with.
Jerry: Are you saying that our new manager is a hard nut to crack?
本資料由中華綜合發展研究院全球英檢中心 甘怡然 提供

10. I never know Bill very well .He was not very communicative and always seemed to me a hard nut to crack.


11. A company whose product has sold well in the States may find the European market a tougher nut to crack.


3. A hard nut to crack 難題、難解之事(somethingdifficult to understand or to do.)

Doha round (WTO Doha回合談判):這是在卡達首都Doha開始展開的一系列的談判。之前為烏拉圭回合,更早之前有甘乃迪回合、東京回合等談判,這些都是在GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade,關稅暨貿易總協定)時代的談判。這些回合的名稱冠上地名表示回合一開始就在該地舉行。
Doha回合Doha回合貿易談判,又稱多哈發展議程(Doha Development Agenda,DDA),是世界貿易組織200111月在卡達首都Doha舉行的世界貿易組織第四次部長級會議中開始的新一輪多邊貿易談判,旨在推動全球農業、製造業服務貿易的自由化,建立更合理的多邊貿易體系
多哈回合Doha round的宗旨是促進世貿組織成員削減貿易壁壘,通過更公平的貿易環境來促進全球,特別是較貧窮國家的經濟發展。

03. Back number 過期的刊物過時的人物、老古董

1. I didn't buy the magazine last month; I must try to get hold of a back

   number so that I can catch up on the articles I missed.


2. I'm terribly sorry. I lost the magazine you lent me the other day.

   It doesn't matter it was a back number anyway.


3. He is a back number. 他是個落伍的人

4. I am not entirely a back number Taylor.


5. Never mind about him, he's a back number.


6. Maybe I'm a back number. I can never enjoy a play of staccato

   scenes. 也許我是個落伍的人了,我欣賞不了一齣場面互不連貫的戲。

7. A lot of old books and back numbers have been sold

8. He collects back numbers of comic magazines

9. This building has become a back number in design.

04. All ears 洗耳恭聽/ All eyes 目不轉睛

all ears & all eyes的例句:

1. Go on with your story; I am all ears.
2. If anybody spoke of that grisly matter, I was all ears in a moment.
3. He has lost a wife whose beauty astonished all eyes, whose words took all ears captive.
4. A detective must be all eyes and all ears.

5. When I mentioned my new boyfriend, she was all ears.


6. She said she was all eyes looking for you.


7. All eyes or rather earsare fixed on its latest movie.


8. All eyes are on Mr. Brownwatching for his reaction.


9. If he was the cynosure of all eyes he didn't notice.


10. This painting is very beautiful. I'm all eyes at it.


11. I never chanced to see its kind in any market; it would be the cynosure of all eyes there.


12. Since tomorrow morning also brings with it a powerful Full Moon from Sagittarius(人馬座) to Gemini(雙子座), you need to be all eyes and ears throughout this evening and into the early hours of Saturday.


4. Be All Ears專心傾聽。

5. All thumbs笨手笨腳的;一竅不通的。/ Green thumb很會種花種菜的園藝巧匠。

all thumbs的例句:

1. Harry tried to fix the chair, but he was all thumbs.


2. His fingers are all thumbs. 他笨手笨腳。

3. I’m all thumbs when it comes to drawing. 我對繪畫一竅不通

4. When it comes to dancing, I'm all thumbs.
5. He tried to fix bicycle , but he was all thumbs.
6. On the first day of class , Candy was all thumbs.
7. Oh , man , look what I did . I’m all thumbs today.
8. When it comes to mathematics , I’m all thumbs.
9. I dropped my coffee cup . I’m all thumbs today.
10. What a bummer ! I’m all thumbs today anyway.
11. I can't thread this needle . I am all thumbs today.
12. I could never be a surgeon . I’m all thumbs.
13. I'm good at mathematics , but I’m all thumbs when it comes to
    sewing. 我數學很棒,但對縫紉一竅不通
14. I’m all thumbs .I can’t even button my shirt properly.
15. That bad , huh ? I’m all thumbs when it comes to matching colors
16. It seems that I just cannot do anything right . I am all thumbs.

17. When it comes to dancing, I'm all thumbs.談到跳舞,我真是一竅不通

18. It's funny how Doctor Brown can do delicate brain surgery in the operating room, yet his wife Mabel says he's all thumbs at home when he tries to change a light bulb or hammer a nail in the wall to hang up a picture.

Doctor Brown的太太Mabel說,Doctor Brown在家裡笨手笨腳,換個燈泡,在牆上敲一個釘子掛張畫都不行;而他卻能夠在手術室裡做那種很精細的腦外科手術。這真是很有趣。

5. All thumbs笨手笨腳的。

green thumb(園藝巧匠)的例句:

1. I sure wish I had a green thumb like Mister Jones next door. Every year he grows the best tomato and sweet corn in our whole neighborhood. And his roses are absolutely beautiful!

我真希望我也能夠像我的鄰居Mister Jones那樣,能把花和菜種得那麼好.他種的番茄和甜玉米在我們這個居民區裡每年都是最好的.另外,他種的玫瑰花簡直是漂亮極了!

2. All my friends said that I have a green thumb. They keep on asking me what I do to the plants at home as they look so shining and healthy. To tell you the truth, the only thing I do is water them once a week.


3. I wish I had a green thumb like Mrs. Lee look at the beautiful roses in her garden.


4. I guess I don't have much of a green thumb, every year I plant cabbage, beans and sweet corn in my backyard but all I ever get is a lot of weeds.


06. Beat the air白費勁、白費力氣。/ Beat it 走開、滾開、逃跑,滾蛋/Beat it up or Whoop it up尋歡作樂。

whoop激動、歡樂時的高叫, 高呼。

beat the air的例句:

1. His speech merely beat the air as his argument was not convincing at all.
2. He is as stubborn as a mule. All those who have tried to persuade him have only been beating the air.
3. After searching for the criminal in the thick jungle for three whole days, the police had to admit that they had been beating the air.

4. Helicopters don't fly. They beat the air into submission.


5. He raised his forefinger and beat the air oldly before his voice spoke.


6. All you are doing is to beat the air. Try to be more practical


7. You are like Don Quixote in your actions . what you are doing is beating the air.
8. Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly, I do not fight like a man beating the air.

9. To argue with him is like beating the air.


6. Beat the air另一章。

beat it的例句:

1. She was beginning to recognize this thing that was approaching to possess her, and she was striving to beat it back with her will as powerless as her two white slender hands would have been.


2. I watch, and I wait, and I beat it.


3. Let’s beat it while the going is good.


4. You bother me. Beat it! 你來惹我。滾開!

5. After the escape from prison, the convicts beat it into the night.


6. beat it! 走開!

7. you can't beat it.什麼也比不上它。

8. Now beat itwill you?! 現在給我滾開,聽見了嗎?!

9. The tall man said, “Beat it, kid. Don't stay there.”


beat it up/ whoop it up的例句:

1. What sort of noise did the neighbors complain about? Did the Frank and their friends beat it up in the evenings?

鄰居們抱怨的是什麼響聲呢? 是不是Frank和他們的朋友們在晚上尋歡作樂

2. Everybody is planning to whoop it up this weekend.

3. Let's go to the party and whoop it up.

4. To whip an egg is to beat it up in a basin with a fork or machine.


5. Put all components to the shaker and beat it up until you get some foaming mass.


6. Our next-door neighbor and his friends used to beat it up a little on

   Saturday evenings.


7. Mobs of drunken men were whooping it up .

8. Every spring they whoop it up for the circus.

9. After their victory they were whooping it up all night long.

10. The team whooped it up after winning the game.

11. Everybody is planning to whoop it up this weekend.

12. Let ' s go to the party and whoop it up.

13. Father wanted to go to the country , but the children were

    whooping it up for the beach.

14. The rugby team likes to whoop it up after a match , especially if they win.這個橄欖球隊喜歡在賽後歡鬧慶祝一番,特別是如果他們獲勝的話。
07. At sixes and sevens 亂七八糟;不協調。

at sixes and sevens的例句:

1. His accounts are at sixes and sevens.他的帳目不清

2. The members couldn't come to an agreement. They were at sixes and sevens. 委員們不能達一致意見. 他們各抒己見。

3. I haven't had time to clear up, so I'm all at sixes and sevens.

   我還沒空收拾, 所以什麼都是亂七八糟的。

4. When they moved into the new house, everything was at sixes and

   sevens. 他們剛搬進新房子, 一切都是亂七八糟的。

5. Returning from their holiday, they were surprised to find their house

   at sixes and sevens.度假歸來, 他們吃驚地發現房子裡亂七八糟的。

6. Our football team was at sixes and sevens because our coach broke

   his arm.我們的足球隊弄得亂七八槽,因為我們的教練胳膊摔斷了。

7. When We went in we found his room at sixes and sevens.


8. She could see he was at sixes and sevens.


9. I'm really at sixes and sevens over taking the new job.


10. When we entered the classroom, everything is at sixes and sevens.


11. They are still at sixes and sevens about this matter.


12. Things happened so fast that Mary was at sixes and sevens.


13. His wife was away and the house was at sixes and sevens.


14. The room at sixes and sevens.這屋子亂七八糟

15. Everything seemed at sixes and sevens.一切似乎都是亂七八糟

16. These brothers are always at sixes and sevens.他們兄弟總是不和

17. I'm at sixes and sevens these days.這兩天我心裡總是七上八下的。

18. The children are at sixes and sevens today.


19. I'm all at sixes and sevens about what to do.


20. Everybody seems at sixes and sevens.每個人都好像亂七八糟的。

21. I haven't had time to arrange everything, so I'm all at sixes and

    sevens.我沒來得及把每件事都安排好, 因此心裡七上八下的。

22. Things are happening so fast that she's at sixes and sevens about what to do next.事情發生得如此之快,她感到心緒煩亂,不知下一步如何是好。

23. My room is at sixes and sevens.我的房間亂七八糟

24. The dog left the flowerbed at sixes and sevens.


25. The Boy made the room at sixes and sevens.


08. Call it a day 收工、休息。/ Close callClose shave 千鈞一髮、死裡逃生。

call it a day的例句:

Authentic Real English of call it a day.
Helen: Hi Jen... 你累了嗎?
Jen: Oh yes, I really am. I've been here since seven this morning I think I'm ready to call it a day now.
Helen: Monday? Tuesday? 給日子起個名字?你說該叫什麼好?Monday? Tuesday?
Jen: Oh no, I don't mean...
Helen: How about Saturday? 我最喜歡星期六。要不我們起個全新的名字。How about Cake-day! Or Coffee-day.
Jen: I don't want to rename the day. In English, if you're ready to call it a day, it means that you want to finish whatever you're doing  and usually go home.
Helen: So you want to call it a day now? We haven't finished the program  yet.
Jen: That's true. In that case, let's hear some examples of the phrase in action.
We're getting nowhere with this shall we call it a day and start again tomorrow?
I'm getting picked up from work at five, so I think I'd better call it a day.
Helen: I see. 如果你說 call it a day, 意思是你決定今天工作到此為止,下班了。
Jen: That's right, so let's call it a day now.
Helen: Alright then. Do you fancy a quick drink after work?
Jen: Well, I'm feeling pretty tired, but I suppose I could come out for one drink.
Voice: Some time later...
(Nightclub music)
Helen: Jen, 看看時間 we've been here seven hours!
Jen: I know! I don't know where the evening went. It's probably time to call it a night.
Helen: I thought the phrase was 'call it a day'?
Jen: We can also say 'call it a night' if you've been somewhere in the evening and you know it's time to go home.
Helen:該回家了,太晚了. Well, I definitely think that you need to call it a night, then. Although look...
Jen: What?
Helen:你看太陽都出來了,我們一宿都在外面。Perhaps we should call it a day instead?
Jen: That means it's nearly time for work again! Can I call in sick, please?

1. I think I'll call it a day and go home. 我想收工回家了。

2. Let's call it a day and go to the movies. 我們收工看電影去吧!

3. I'm bushed. Let's call it a day. 我很疲倦,今天到此為止吧!

4. Let's call it a day. 今天到此休息吧。

5. It's getting late. Let's call it a day. 時間不早了,今天就收工了吧。

Close call的例句:

Actually, close call means that you narrowly avoided danger. Something bad could have happened to you, but you narrowly avoided a bad situation.
原來 close call 就是說,差一點發生倒霉的事,我算是逃避了這倒霉事.我可以說,今天我差一點就給車撞了.對不對?
Yeah, that's right.
那~, close call 是不是一定得用在跟生命危險有關的場合呢?
Not really. Let me give you another example. The paper you and I turned in this week was almost late. That was also a close call.
對對對!那教授啊,讓我們在星期二前把報告交給他,我們是星期一晚上才去交的,差一點就過了限期,這也可以說是close call下回啊,我可再也不敢這麼做了。

1. The car almost ran me over .It was a close call.


2. Phew! That was a close call—she nearly saw us!


3. Joe had a close call when his motorbike nearly collided with a lorry.


4. That was a close call, the train nearly hit the car.


5. Whew! That was a close call! I almost walked into a pole.


6. The opinion polls predicted the election could go either way. But none of us expected that it would turn into such a close call. It's a mere few hundred votes that make the difference on who is going to be the next president.


7. When the rock missed him it was a close call.


close shave A narrow escape; a close call.千鈞一髮 逃生

close shave的例句

1. Wow, that was a close shave.哇,那次是僥倖脫險

2. The car passed this close to us——a real close call.


3. That was a close shave. The car just missed that perambulator.
4. His life is no longer in danger, but it was a close shave.

09. Out to lunch瘋狂;發瘋。Out to lunch 正面意思是去吃午飯,若當俚語解,是指腦子不清楚專注,做白日夢,甚至有發呆的意思。
1. Take him out, take him out to lunch.叫他去,叫他去吃午飯
2. My lady and miss Rachel drove out to lunch with some friends in the neighborhood . 夫人和Rachel小姐跟鄰近幾個朋友吃飯去了
3. Take them out to lunch , or do something that would take their mind of off whatever problem they ' re having
4. AJane gave me the wrong directions to get to the library .
   BDon ' t listen to her she's out to lunch.
5. He's smart enough to know that if he gets involved with that crowd , he’s out to lunch.
6. She is totally out to lunch and you should never believe what she tells you.

10. Think big, Start / Do small從大處著眼, 從小事著手。

1. By starting small, I mean no matter what grand ideas you have, you don’t execute them right away. You should start with a small website first, that focuses on a smaller market, and requires less work and maintenance. First off by doing this, you will soon learn if this is the business for you. Many, many people jump into this business and lose interest after a few months.

2. Companies tinker with today's products rather than pay researchers to think big thoughts.


3. Think big, start small and Do Fast.大處著眼,小處著手,快速行動。

4. Think big, act small and be humble.思想寬容,行為低調,學會謙卑。

5. Even know you are starting small there is no reason that you can’t think big


6. Make sure content is relevant to where buyers are in the buying cycle. Think big, start small and move quickly.


7. Think big從大處著眼。

8. Think big從大處著眼Start / Do small從小事著手。





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